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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:16pm PST

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>> reporter: the city council unanimously approved to get this building demolished and-a happen within the next week. >> reporter: 5 members of the pacific accounting agreed that this building has to go. >> want to protect the environment. >> reporter: since then, the city has been keeping an eye out when it was deemed un habitable. due to erosion. >> reporter: the land--the owner still to take care of the dilapidated building when when filing for bankruptcy in 2015. the city has been tried to get reimbursed. but they are not
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getting anywhere. >> based on what we find asbestos and lead. >> reporter: is quoin to cost taxpayers $218,000. >> seems like reasonable amount to remain that property. when you look at the building is dangerous. >> reporter: it will cost a lot more to clean up the building if it was to fall down. >> reporter: demolition is supposed to begin monday and last a couple of days. p>> grant: tracking down a guy that insulted a private
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moment. he was upset that he had incomplete food order. he was mad, jumped over the counter demanding a refined. the pregnant worker field for her safety, understandably gives the got his money back and he leaves. but then comes back. a few minutes later and spit in her face. he drove away in a black four-door mercedes sedan. >>steve: just outrageous. thank you, grant. >> get out of the building so!
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>> get out of the apartment! >> i was hanging out in a herd of fire alarm go off. >> the someone was burning something in the kitchen. and come to find out the kitchen was in flamed. >> technical difficulties.
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nce >> reporter: in oakland city hall the mayor has introduced a new police chief. at 34 your along and veteran. implemented reforms at the chicago police department. off >> i am so excited to be here in oakland and to be your chief of police. >> reporter: here in oakland, community leaders,
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community residents and political leaders are all excited for the new chief to be here. >> note as she is prepared. -- i know that she >> i think it is a welcomed change ticket stability in our community. -- to get stability >> reporter: another big storm is expected to move into the region and county officials are asking people to get ready. conducting conference calls with the other stars responders to coordinate aid first
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response process. right now there are taking a wait-and- see process to see how the storm is going to be. >> reporter:pgand e are also on the job working on down power lines. >> reporter: the reservoir is full and spilling over. but they are also keeping watch on sell lorenzo river. making sure an being for causes of flooding as more rain showers are headed this way for the weekend. >>steve:
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>> brittney: but this time you get up on thursday morning the clouds will clear and we will stay dry until friday. tracking a larger system coming in for the weekend with a lot of rain showers and snow mixed in certain higher elevations. flooding is careful driving. miss forest near the bay and the coast with mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. however, cooler air has already started to come in and soil temperatures will stay below average. with the times between 40 and mid to low 50s. 7 they for cashpoint all of the changes that are
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in store. we will seek a few lingering showers in decreasing clouds throughout the day. >> brittney: as we had an two's saturday, sunday and monday heavier rain showers consistently. we still have role closures for the sierra with a lot of snow coming down. by the weekend another round of whether that will move into the sierra that is a wayne snell mix. and melted snow. along with heavier snow for the higher elevations. superb >>steve: we are glad that you joined us here. we will be back in the morning and four a m. take as long ago at, for that kind. --
11:12 pm >> pam: good night!
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> it's a boy for janet jackson at 50! but does she already have a secret daughter? >> came out and said, you have a daughter with janet jackson. then, jenny mccarthy's extraordinary attack on mariah carey. >> it was that bad. and -- >> i have decided to pursue a new challenge. >> megyn kelly's big good-bye. >> thank you for watching. good-bye. plus, is madman charles manson dying? >> reporter: inside this hospital where he was admitted under the name joe doe. then, they're performing. so are they.


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